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Nutrition & Gut Health

Private Clinic East Preston

Nutritional therapy uses personalised nutrition plans and dietary interventions to promote optimal health and wellbeing. Through a comprehensive assessment of diet, medical history and blood tests, we diagnose the causes of any concerns you have about your skin, body or mind. We then tailor a programme of nutritional coaching sessions typically 6-12 weeks that will provide personalised dietary advice, meal recommendations, targeted supplements, any necessary medications and lifestyle modifications that will optimise your digestion, balance your hormones, boost your immune function, elevate your mood and increase your energy levels.

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Tummy bloating, constant gas, avoiding certain foods and feeling symptomatic after eating are all signs that your gut is unhappy.  Regular bloating is not normal.  Your gut is intrinsically linked with your energy, mood and cognition, so expect to feel affects all over the body when your gut is not happy.


As well as recommending testing options, our Clinical Nutritionist at 109, works alongside you to discover the root cause of your symptoms and provide a wellness plan that optimises your gut health, so it can heal itself.

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Nutritional therapy

Introduction to nutrition

A departure from traditional dieting programmes, the goal of this educational tool is to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to break free from the diet culture and achieve lasting results. By applying the information gained from the program, participants are promised transformative freedom from restrictive diets and the potential to attain the results they deserve!

Nutritional therapist

6 week course

The process begins with booking a 1-hour initial in clinic consultation, followed by the completion of a medical questionnaire and a 3-day food diary. A 30-minute plan delivery session on Zoom follows, empowering you to implement the provided information. The program further includes five 15-minute coaching calls scheduled weekly, along with resources such as recipe collections, meal suggestions, testing recommendations, supplement advice, and exclusive discounts. Direct messaging support is available throughout the entire process.

Nutritional therapy East Preston

12 week course

Everything included in the six week course, with 10 x weekly coaching sessions Result based revised protocol (8 weeks in) A Continuous Glucose Monitor 2 test interpretations

Nutritionalist East Preston UK

Nutritional coaching

A bespoke programme of nutritional and lifestyle coaching - specific to your requirements, based on comprehensive consultation, testing and monitoring

Our Nutrition Team

You are only ever a few choices away from feeling incredible and everyone benefits from a professional perspective on how to optimise their unique nutritional needs.

The benefits of nutritional therapy at No.109

Natural and holistic

Unlike traditional solutions that may focus solely on symptoms, nutritional therapy considers the underlying factors contributing to health issues, aiming to improve overall well-being and prevent future complications.

“I am so ridiculously grateful I found Michelle. I've never felt better, more supported and my self esteem is soaring.  I'd recommend you a hundred times over!”

Mel M

“I've gained so much knowledge and awareness and learnt so much about myself already.  Excited to keep it going and keep learning and evolving, so thank you for all your help”

Catherine S

“After just one consultation and taking the recommended supplements and dietary additions for 6 weeks, my period pain has reduced by 90%. It has made a huge difference to my monthly cycle and I cannot thank Michelle enough”

Emily S.


Private clinic

Q. How does nutritional therapy differ from other dietary approaches or weight loss programs? A. The main difference between nutritional therapy and other dietary approaches or weight loss programs lies in its personalised nature, as nutritional therapy takes into account your unique needs, health concerns, and goals to create a tailored plan that goes beyond generic recommendations, ensuring comprehensive and sustainable results.

Q. How long does a typical course of nutritional therapy last? A. Typically weekly sessions last six to twelve weeks. Appointments can be in person, online or a blend.

Q. How long are sessions? A. The first consultation is typically an hour. Additional check-ins and trouble shooting sessions are typically 15mins.

Q. When is the best time to start nutritional therapy? A. There’s never a right time to start. The key is the right mind set. If your mindset feels right, reach out.

Q. Can nutritional therapy be used alongside conventional medical treatments? A. Yes, our doctor led clinic ensures all treatment combinations are safe and effective.

Q. What types of physiotherapy do you offer? A. Traditional physiotherapy services encompass assessments, diagnoses, and evidence-based treatments. These services include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and patient education, all aimed at managing pain, improving mobility, and restoring function. Our experienced physiotherapist tailors each treatment plan to meet individual needs for optimal musculoskeletal health. Our advanced physiotherapy services include cutting-edge techniques like acupuncture, ultrasound-guided injection therapy, and specialised manipulative treatments. These services are designed to address complex musculoskeletal issues with precision and efficacy, providing patients with advanced solutions for pain management and enhanced recovery.

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